​When I was 17 years old I spent two months in Nepal. While I was there I fell in love with the people and nation of Nepal. There are nearly half a million orphans in the country of Nepal. An orphan in Nepal has almost no hope of being adopted, since no country in the world currently allows adoptions from Nepal. This leaves many of them to live on the streets due to the lack of space in the existing children’s homes. Each year 60,000 children in Nepal die before the age of 5. These little ones are the reason that I am here. In Nepal we work with a local organization called Peace Child Orphanage. There we have a children’s home with 39 kids and a school with nearly 350. My vision is to provide more than a bed and food for these kids. I want them to have a family. It will be a big, noisy, chaotic family at times, but there will be love, and it will be a safe place for them to grow.

Our work with the street boys in Pokhara has also opened my eyes to a whole other side of Nepal. They are below the bottom caste. They are unwanted wherever they go and usually have to keep moving throughout the day.  Yet even with this constant negativity, these boys are so much fun to be with. They laugh and play. They tell jokes and talk about movie stars just like any other kid. 

In the US we are blessed to have every opportunity to thrive. We can feed our children, take them to the doctor, and protect them from many of the dangers of this world. In Nepal there are parents that are not able to provide the most basic of needs for their children. In many of these cases, the parents are forced to turn their children out of the home. Some are sold to beg on the streets, and others are sold into sex trafficking. These little ones are not given the love of a parent. That is where House Of Treasures comes in.

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If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food in a kitchen, painting walls, or collecting donations, we need you.

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We're continually working hard to bring teams to Nepal. If you are interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.

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To Make A Difference, One Child At A Time.

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