Elizabeth's Icecream Fund:  $288.26

Our Mission:

Through care, education, nutrition and love, we want to share our love with the children of Nepal, while meeting their practical needs as well. House Of Treasures is partnering with Peace Child Orphanage and Holy Angel English School to serve one of the poorest areas of Pokhara. Giving these children the opportunity to learn English and get the love and support they need. Our goal is to create an environment that nurtures a child. We want our children to feel accepted into a family. Once they join us, they are a member of our family forever.

Kelly Farrell

My name is Kelly Farrell and I live in Pokhara, Nepal with my husband and daughter.  In 2000 I spent two months in Nepal. During my time there, the team and I visited small villages in the mountains surrounding the Pokhara Valley in Nepal. At this point I did not know what I would do there, but I knew I would go back and serve the people of Nepal. In preparation for my return, I began learning the language and studying the culture. I began working in the hotel and hospitality business, learning how to manage a business and work with large scale projects. During this time I helped run hotels of different sizes, managed the opening of two new hotels and oversaw the daily operations of two others.