Elizabeth's Icecream Fund

Elizabeth's Icecream Fund:  $288.26
In July 2014, at the garage sale where Kelly and Elizabeth were selling all their possessions to prepare to move, Elizabeth wanted to set up a lemonade stand. When asked what she would use the money for she said that she wanted to take the orphans in Nepal out for icecream. Kelly and her mom were so touched by the idea that they encouraged her to tell everyone who came to the garage sale. During the five day sale Elizabeth’s lemonade sale raised about $55. As more people heard about the story her icecream fund grew even more. Elizabeth’s Icecream Fund has now been expanded. In addition to icecream, it is used to take the children swimming, on a picnic, and other fun outings and activities. If you would like to help support a fun activity or outing for the children, please click the button below and give to Elizabeth’s Icecream Fund.