HOTDOG is a structured discipleship program. Our focus is to help students who have finished 10th grade, and have aged out of their children's home. These young men and women need a place to go and help to learn how to be on their own, while they complete college (grades 11 and 12). 

For students in our program, House Of Treasures provides housing and part-time employment.

What is the HOTDOG program?

  • Weekly classes on topics ranging from "Budgeting" to "The Father Heart of God".
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with a mentor.
  • Small group meetings with daily Bible Studies.
  • College attendance.
  • Part-Time employment at the farm and restaurant. Students will rotate through each position and receive training as: 
    • Farm Worker (monitor fish and plants in aquaponic systems)
    • Prep-Cook (Bake bread, prepare juice for hospital patients and prep foods for the cook)
    • Line Cook (Cook American foods such as burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, etc)
    • Server (Wait on tables, customer service, cashier, and basic cleaning)
    • Delivery Driver (Get driver license, deliver foods and help in kitchen when needed)

After students have completed the HOTDOG program, assistance will be provided to help find a permanent position, housing and whatever else they need to go out into the world. Our hope is that many will choose to work in some kind of ministry position, however we firmly believe that no matter what you choose to do with your life, we are all in ministry of one kind or another. 

We are excited to begin this new program, and the first class will start May, 2022. Once we are open and operating, the restaurant will cover the cost of the program as well as outreach trips and housing for the students. However, in order to begin, we need your help.

This is a budget of the opening costs for the restaurant, Americana Grill:

  • Furniture                                        $ 3,300
  • Fixtures                                          $ 3,700
  • Equipment                                      $ 6,200
  • Decor                                              $    200
  • Legal Fees                                      $    900
  • Opening Inventory                         $    700

            Total                                              $15,000

Please help us begin this wonderful program. With this one-time investment, you can see lives changed for years and years to come.

For it is by GRACE you have been saved, through faith, not of yourselves, it is a gift from God. Not by works, so that no one may boast.

House Of Treasures' Disciples Of Grace

Elizabeth's Icecream Fund:  $288.26

Interested in being a part of HOTDOG? Send us your information here: Get Involved with HOTDOG